“Kolheis” shawl collar knit is 100% cashmere♡

“Kolheis” shawl collar knit is 100% cashmere♡

Cashmere has a smooth texture that you will want to enjoy this coming season. The shawl collar knits by Colheis, an up-and-coming knit brand based in London, are made from 100% high-quality cashmere and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Colheis is an up-and-coming knitwear brand founded in London, England in 2019. We have partnered with Todd & Duncan, a historic wool spinning manufacturer founded in 1867 and famous in Scotland, a world-famous knit production area, to offer the world's highest quality knits. So, this time we would like to introduce you to an elegant shawl collar knit.

“Kolheis” shawl collar knit is 100% cashmere♡ 2

It feels nice to the touch and looks like a high-quality fabric, but that's because it's made from carefully selected 100% cashmere. With a shawl collar that resembles a lapel and a shiny navy color, it can be used as a jacket, and it has an atmosphere that will look great at hotels and restaurants.

“Kolheis” shawl collar knit is 100% cashmere♡ 3

It's thick enough to be used as an outer layer, but because it's knitted with a high gauge, it's very smooth with little unevenness, giving it a sophisticated look. It is sure to be useful as it allows you to look relaxed and elegant, so the cost performance is high. Please come and enjoy this comfort.

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Cashmere Painters Shawl Collar CardiganCashmere Painters Shawl Collar Cardigan
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