From LEON Editor's

Every Wednesday, there is a corner where LEON's editorial staff introduces what they have learned through their daily magazine creation process and interviews. This time, Yagi, who is in charge of food, will bring you the filming scene from the sweets special feature in the March issue of LEON, which will be released on Wednesday, January 25th.

Before we tell you about the lively shooting scene, we took a look at what was happening at the editorial department's desk. If you don't first pass the core feature plan through the editorial department, you won't be able to proceed with filming, storyboard creation, project research, or staff selection.

That's why I feel nervous every time we have a special feature meeting. This time, it's been a while since we've featured sweets, so we lined up a lot of canelés and high-quality brioche, which are popular among men to accompany tea. Perhaps it worked (?), and the project went smoothly... Relief!

The shooting schedule for this time is extremely hectic as the end of the year progresses. The reason why I say "super furious" is because if I don't make the production time twice as fast as usual, I won't be able to make it in time for submission. I'm not sure if I'm still on time or not...(sweat), but I'm running around like it's December.

During the interview, I was particularly moved by the people at popular sweets shops and high-end restaurants, which are supposed to be at their busiest before Christmas, but they didn't look bothered at all and were willing to take photos until late at night, even after they had closed. That's what happened. Thank you for renting this space! This is a photo taken by Mr. Miyako Akiyama, who is also a very senior editor, and was asked to cover a popular shaved ice shop in Yoyogi-Uehara as a feature writer.

For the model shoot, we rented a corner of a certain interior shop and simulated a living room at home. Mysteriously, all the staff have a high cap rate. Personally, I feel like when I wear a cap, I can concentrate more than usual because my line of sight narrows (lol).

It would be a spoiler if I showed you various scenes from the special feature shoot, so I'd like to introduce some sweets that have been personal hits recently. This is the signature dessert ``Baba au Rum'' at the French restaurant ``Estelle'' at the Palace Hotel.

It's said to be a specialty of Alain Ducasse's restaurants around the world, and until you say "stop," you'll be sponged with rum and drizzled with vanilla cream. These are my favorite sweets that will make you feel elegant and intoxicated.

Please look forward to the January 25th issue and have a happy new year!