Editor-in-Chief Ishii's ``A Splendid Life of Extraneous Thoughts''

I want to do that, I want to do this. I want to enjoy life even more! Based on such greedy thoughts, we will deliver the daily life of editor-in-chief Ishii, who enjoys life full of distractions. The first story of the new year is about a famous restaurant in Kyoto that I visited last year. "Ryosho" was awarded two stars in the "Michelin Guide Kyoto 2023". Ishii, perhaps overcome by the excitement, did something...

happy new year! We look forward to working with you this year! The first story of the new year is about the Japanese restaurant "Ryo-sho" located in Gion Shijo, Kyoto, which is full of elegance. Last year, especially in the second half, I made many business trips to Kyoto, and I was once again inspired by Japan's beauty, way of thinking, and technology. “Lingxiao” is one of them. The space, supervised by Nakamura Sotoji Construction, a leading expert in Sukiya architecture, is a combination of elegance and modernity, including a balance with Scandinavian furniture and art. It was a relaxing space where you could feel the Japanese sensibilities.

When you enter the first floor with only 8 seats at the counter, you will find a courtyard. This building was originally a tea shop and has been renovated. By the way, there is only one private room on the second floor.

As you can see from the Old Baccarat decanter, they are very particular about their wine selection.

And the dish I'm most interested in is, I'm sorry! I was so distracted by all the compliments that I realized I hadn't taken any photos... This is the only menu left...

Makoto Fujiwara, who trained at the famous Kyoto cuisine restaurant ``Gion Maruyama'' before going independent, served as the head chef at the Kodaiji restaurant ``Jugyuan.'' The cuisine under his command includes sashimi, simmered dishes, and grilled dishes. This Kyoto cuisine is one step further from the classics, and its level is truly amazing, as evidenced by the fact that it was awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide Kyoto 2023. Well then, why don't you show me the photo? That's true, isn't it? Please check the website below if you are interested. This is a famous restaurant that requires reservations.