Have you downloaded the photo with Tetsuya Komuro yet?

Club LEON is famous for its real events! We will deliver various information and advantageous information about events brought to you by LEON, including fashion, music, alcohol, and encounters!? After reading this, you won't be able to stop being a Club LEON member!

The "NOEL LEON" event was held at the end of last year. We delivered a variety of content, including dinner, gifts, and a special live performance by Tetsuya Komuro. We have created a playback article about that event in the March issue of LEON, but I hope you have already seen it.

At that event, thanks to the kindness of Tetsuya Komuro, a group photo was taken with everyone. You can download it for a limited time until February 24th, so please don't forget to download it. Please note that this photo is copyrighted by the other people in the photo and the photographer, so please refrain from posting it on SNS, etc. Please understand that this photo is for your own enjoyment. Please.

[Click here for download instructions]

1. Access the Club LEON member-only page.

2. Log in with your email address and password.

3. Access the talk lounge on the members-only page.

4. Click on the image that shows you.

5. When the screen changes, click the "ADD TO CART" button.

After that, please proceed according to the instructions on the screen.
*Although a message such as "Purchase" will be posted, all downloads are 0 yen.

6. A download link will be sent to your registered email address. Click the link to download.

Download deadline: Reproduction, duplication, or diversion of images is strictly prohibited until 23:59 on Friday, February 24th.