From LEON Editor's

Every Wednesday, there is a corner where LEON's editorial staff introduces the daily process of creating the magazine and what they learned through interviews. This time, Yagi, who is in charge of lifestyle in the editorial department, appears.

Hello, this is Yagi, in charge of lifestyle. We are currently working on a special feature on ``Face & Body Care'' that will be published in the July issue of LEON, which will be released on May 24th. The theme is exactly "Glossy Pika". A withered look can give off a melancholy sex appeal, but if you leave it withered and withered, there is a risk that the sex appeal will become dull.

In order to prevent this from happening, let's focus on polishing the old man to a shiny shine in a short period of time! With this in mind, the production staff of the ``Beauty Special Feature'', who are always indebted to me, are taking pictures to express the ideal ``golden old man''. Let me give you a glimpse of the bag stage.

In the first photo, I apologized for being in the mixed bath! A couple photo (lol). A shot of a hair and makeup artist and a model standing in a sauna facility. Thank you very much for the extremely hot weather!

The second photo is a photo of my luggage being prepared for a photoshoot in a nice house studio. When it comes to beauty products, writers and editors split up the leases, but since there are so many small items, I often go crazy trying to organize them...

The third photo is an image cut of the model. For a beauty feature, I always want to have a sensual, sexy look that makes you want to touch it, so I make sure to consult with the hair and makeup artist about the finish of the skin and ask the photographer to capture it. This is how a woman checks the angle before engaging with a male model.

As mentioned above, I'm in a relatively difficult situation as Golden Week is approaching, but I'll continue to do my best and hope that I can complete the proofreading safely!