From Editor's

Every Wednesday is a corner where LEON editorial staff introduces what they have learned through their daily magazine creation and interviews. This time, we'd like to introduce a scene from the dinner we had with the Itaoyas who were in the rush to come to Japan in May. Before I knew it, the rainy season had begun. Choosing shoes at the entrance every day is depressing. Hello, this is Horikawa from the LEON editorial department.

Today's column for Club LEON members is about a dinner with Italian men. I mainly interview them in Florence and Milan, as they often appear in magazines, but I also have many opportunities to meet them when they come to Japan. By keeping in touch with them frequently, our relationships become even stronger, and as a result, we are able to introduce our readers to the most up-to-date, real-life styles and items they wear.

So, let's start with the first set. You know, the seat with Pino Lerario of "Taliatore" and his son Luca (successor). I enjoyed Italian food at "La Bisboccia" in Hiroo. They are very enthusiastic about food, and will happily eat sushi and tempura, as well as shabu-shabu and yakitori, but this time we decided to go for Italian food. He says, ``It's better than the Italian food you get in Italy,'' which he says is lip service. Their distributor, Tremezzo's President Kobayashi, Mr. Atsumi, and Mr. Abe also participated in the event, making it a fun and delicious time.

The second group is "Lardini". It's not intentional, but the two-toppers from Italia Classico came to Japan one after another, and it felt like they were on a business trip to Italy! ? It was Italian Days so much that I had the illusion. President Andrea Lardini, his brother and designer Luigi Lardini, and Mr. Girolamo also attended. I sat around a table with Mr. Toyota from Toyota Boeki, our distributor, and Mr. Takemiya from PR. The restaurant I went to was YAUMAY, a dim sum restaurant in Marunouchi. It was delicious!

In June, I will be traveling to Italy for the first time in a while to cover Pitti's Milan collection. It's been about 4 years since I last met, and I'm a little worried because I feel like I'm going to be like Urashima Taro, but I'm looking forward to new encounters and will do my best to interview. In the September issue of LEON, we are planning a special feature packed full of current Italy, so please look forward to that!