From LEON Editor's

Every Wednesday, there is a corner where LEON's editorial staff introduces the daily process of creating the magazine and what they learned through interviews. This time, we have Takeda, who is in charge of fashion and jewelry in the editorial department.

Maido! This is Takeda from the LEON editorial department. My Kansai-style greeting jumped out at me, but that's because I was in Kobe for a few days. The reason for this is a pop-up event held at Barneys New York Kobe Store by LEON's official e-commerce site, ``Buy LEON''.

The event will be held from June 2nd (Friday) to June 11th (Sunday) as Kansai's first LEON pop-up specializing in jewelry. As you can see in the photo, it unfortunately rained heavily on the first day... However, we were very happy to see that the business was much more popular than we expected right after we opened!

This time, we have a lineup of more than 100 items from 20 brands, including "Damiani", "Bijeupico", "Gentleman", which are popular in this magazine, as well as bespoke items from "IVXLCDM" and "Exposition". It's a rare opportunity to see so many pieces of men's jewelry in one place, and I hope many people enjoyed it.

By the way, many of the items handled at this event are currently on sale and will be sold on the LEON website where you can buy them. If you have a problem at the store or can't come, you can check it out!

Well, I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank everyone who came, everyone who participated in "LEON Meriken Night" held on the same day, and everyone who made the leap from there! The next LEON pop-up that you can buy will be held at "DISCO LEON" on July 28th (Friday), and also in Nagoya in November. We will let you know as soon as the details are decided, so please check it out!