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Every Wednesday, there is a corner where LEON's editorial staff introduces the daily process of creating the magazine and what they learned through interviews. This time, we have Watanabe, director of ``Affordable LEON''.

Hello, this is Watanabe. The “LEON×CENTURION BOATS×MUTA MARINE” wake surfing boat that we previously reported on in this magazine will be on sale at the Yokohama Boat Show! So, I went to Hiroshima where the owner who purchased it is from.

MUTA's logo is on the right side of the body. The silver logo looks great on the all-black body!

Editor-in-chief Ishii and Girolamo also participated in the flooding ceremony. The ceremony was held with Mr. Kazumen (to the right of Mr. Jiro), who became the owner, at the center.

After that, it was time to drive for the first time! The boat cutting through the water is quite impressive. The advantage of the Centurion boat is that it creates the best waves, so of course there's surfing...

So, Girolamo also tried it for the first time! Mr. Jiro succeeded in standing on his first attempt, and he is truly athletic. The way he challenged himself over and over again gave me the image of a cool old man.

In fact, we built two boats this time, and in addition to the one sold in Hiroshima, we have already sold another boat! A total of 2 boats are sold out. I'll let you know how it goes in the fall. There are plans to make it even more powerful next year... so look forward to it!