Events with dress codes are fun!

Club LEON is famous for its real events! LEON will deliver various information and advantageous information about events that include fashion, music, alcohol, and encounters!? After reading this, you won't be able to stop being a Club LEON member!

hello everyone. The dress code we set for DISCO LEON, which was held the other day, was "colorful." We have a different dress code for each event, but this "colorful" one is actually our first attempt. It conveyed the message that it was being held for the first time in four years, despite all the gloomy news about the coronavirus, war, and recession, so let's make it lively and have fun.

Also, these days, when we often wear monochrome fashion, we sometimes feel like having fun with our own colors. Whether you knew this or not, everyone was really enjoying the colorful fashion, and it was fun too!

There are people who wear red as an accent color that stands out at parties, people who wear this year's trendy green, and people who skillfully incorporate multiple colors. We often hear people say that the dress code was difficult, but we would be happy if people still adhered to the dress code and attended parties and events.

When everyone's dress code is gathered, the entire venue is enveloped in a sense of unity, which is truly a sight to behold. By the way, the dress code for Kondo, who was in charge of the event, was a Takeo Kikuchi jacket with bright colors painted on a white background, and neon Skechers pink and yellow sneakers worn on both sides. I was very happy to hear you say, ``It's so stylish.'' So, please be sure to follow the dress code and attend the year-end events.