Editor-in-Chief Ishii's ``A Splendid Life of Extraneous Thoughts''

I want to do that, I want to do this. I want to enjoy life even more! Based on such greedy thoughts, we will deliver the daily life of editor-in-chief Ishii, who enjoys life full of distractions. This time, I would like to tell you a little story about the sunglasses that were very useful during my recent business trip to Italy. Do you all know "LOZZa"?

My most recent overseas business trip was to Rome, Italy. The purpose was to watch and cover the prestigious golf cup "Riders Cup 2023", and details will be announced later, but like in Japan, the weather in Rome was hot, reaching over 30 degrees during the day even though it was the end of September... . Furthermore, the sun was stronger than in Japan, so sunglasses were a must, but the photo one was a big help. I caught my eye at the ``LOZZa'' exhibition and was able to get my hands on it before it arrived in Japan.It has a brown cell frame and blue lenses, giving it a truly Italian feel.

``Lozza'' is Italy's oldest eyewear brand, founded in 1878. It's a super long-established store, celebrating 145 years this year. Of course, in Italy it is extremely well known and no one knows about it, but for some reason it is not well known in Japan... They have a wide range of products, from classic frame designs to trendy ones, and I took them with me on this trip to Italy.

If you take a photo of yourself wearing only glasses, it may look a little flashy, but don't worry, once you actually wear the half-skeleton model, the transparency will be moderately suppressed and you will look as calm as the photo. If you put it on the table when you leave your table, it will remind you of the streets of Rome and the blue sky, and if you actually put it on, it will suit a variety of styles while retaining those nuances.

As mentioned above, this "POSITANO 3" is scheduled to arrive in Japan in late October, and will cost 35,200 yen. If you are interested, please contact us below!

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