Editor-in-Chief Ishii's ``A Splendid Life of Extraneous Thoughts''

I want to do that, I want to do this. I want to enjoy life even more! Based on such greedy thoughts, we will deliver the daily life of editor-in-chief Ishii, who enjoys life full of distractions. This time, we will be talking about the "Replay" talk event held at Barneys New York Ginza Main Store in the middle of Golden Week. I have loved martial arts since I was a child, and this is the person I admire! We had a talk with Masato, a former K-1 world champion. Wow, I'm overwhelmed with emotion!

Everyone is probably familiar with the Italian high-casual brand "Replay." With denim made from super-stretch material "Hyperflex" at the forefront, it has now become a comprehensive brand. It is expanding its influence by involving the sports genre, such as sponsoring Paris Saint-Germain, the galactic army that includes Messi, Neymar, and Mpabe, and collaborating with the All Blacks. After being nominated by Replay, I was the MC for a talk event at Barneys New York Ginza Main Store. Who are you interested in? It's obvious when you look at the photo. that's right! This is Masato, a former K-1 world champion!

A long time ago, martial arts was popular all over Japan. At the center of this was Masato. At K-1 WORLD MAX, he won against the world's strongest players, and his fierce battle with Yamamoto KID achieved the highest viewership rating of 31.6%. It was the first private program in the same time slot to exceed the numbers of Kouhaku Uta Gassen. The talk event with such a legend was attended by a wide range of people, from fashion enthusiasts to young women, families, rugged men who are true martial arts fans (lol), and even fans who came all the way from out of town. Wrapped.

Masato is also known for creating a stylish atmosphere in the martial arts industry, which had previously had a sullen image, and for creating a wave of female fans. They also love fashion, so in the second half of the talk event, the two of them gave styling advice to the attendees. Mr. Masato's ability to make proposals that even professionals were impressed with surprised even Ishii, who is an experienced professional. I heard that you have been reading LEON for a long time...I was moved to tears.

The most exciting thing at the venue was the commemorative photo time with Masato during the rock-paper-scissors tournament. There was even a scene in which a woman who won at rock-paper-scissors was so moved that she burst into tears, making people wonder if this was the venue for a match! Oh, and...

My memory at that time was vague... However, it seems like it just came out of my mouth. "Oh, please me too!" We took a 3-shot with Shrewd Masato and Replay Japan CEO Ricardo! By the way, Masato highly praised Replay's denim, saying, "This stretch is amazing. I feel like I can do muscle training while wearing this!" Even during the talk event, he showed off high kicks (!) while still wearing denim, which was really great fan service.

Lastly, I would like to introduce some of the denim that Ishii is wearing in the photo. This is amazing! Replay is a custom-made denim commemorating Barneys New York's 100th anniversary, and its elegant tapered silhouette and slant pockets make it a great item to wear with a jacket. There is also a serial number limited to 100 pieces on the back of the waist, and in addition to the black color shown in the photo, there is also a white version (also limited to 100 pieces). Of course, it's a hyperflex fabric that stretches like crazy, so you can look stylish without any stress. There seem to be quite a few left, but if you're interested, please contact us below! Even so, the stories that Masato-san told me in the waiting room, stories like this, behind-the-scenes stories about martial arts...it was an unforgettable Golden Week for Ishii himself!

Barneys New York Ginza Main Store