The commitment is amazing! Riders of “Uno Piu Uno Uguare Tre”

The rider's jacket is a staple in every old man's wardrobe. Differentiation is essential because everyone has it, but you can rest assured with the "Uno Piu Uno Uguare Tre" item. Because you are so particular about it, even though it is simple, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Speaking of ``Uno Piu Uno Uguare Tre'', it has gained tremendous support from popular old men, and one of the reasons for this is its commitment to being popular. Wardrobes are created with the brand's unique focus on not only looking cool, but also comfort and differentiation from those around you, which is what attracts older men. And of course the riders introduced this time are no exception.

This is a new type of single rider, inspired by vintage motorcycle jackets, and has a powerful impression that tickles the man's heart, including double stitching work from the back yoke to the shoulders. The leather uses the brand's standard stretch lamb. In addition to the high-quality appearance, the thin stretch material with high kickback properties is bonded to the lamb leather using a special process, resulting in a leather that stretches like crazy.

In addition, the zipper, which has the shine and texture of an accessory, is made from Laccagni's top quality product, and the buttons are hidden-head type from Fiocchi. The lining is made of carefully selected stretch fabric that matches the elasticity of the outer leather, making it highly functional, soft to the touch, lightweight, and breathable. This is a garment whose masculinity stands out due to its attention to detail.

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