LEON's specially ordered "Anapau" boxer shorts are slightly defective.

``Anapau'' is popular for its boxer shorts that are made in Japan and are comfortable to wear. The playful design is appealing, but this slightly defective piece was specially commissioned by LEON from the same brand.

The secret to fashion is to pay close attention to the things you can't see. You can feel a person's taste and commitment in what you see out of the blue. We especially recommend the Anapau boxer shorts to popular men.

The brand is known for its playful designs, and its original character TORAKICHI is especially popular. So, this one has evolved into a "slightly defective" one by special ordering LEON. LEON-like items such as taresans, hats, cigars, and champagne are impressive, and the letters LOVE and the heart pierced through are really eye-catching.

Anapau is made in Japan and uses cotton Lycra bear jersey, which is soft to the touch and has excellent elasticity, so it is extremely comfortable to wear. Available in 3 colors. In an emergency, you can subtly show off your good taste with these playful pants.

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A little badass tiger boxer shortsA little badass tiger boxer shorts
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