“Jowandre” pendant from “Bijeupico”

It's not just glittering! Why you should buy "meaningful initials"

Biju Pico's ``Jowandre'' pendant features a graceful and intricately intertwined curve of sparkling diamonds, creating a unique form. Its charm lies not only in the impact of its overwhelming brilliance. As its name means "to connect" in French, the design has its roots in the "Mavrot monogram", which originated in France and is a combination of two initials. Extremely rich and mysterious. Meaningful initials will bring out your charm!

JOINDRE (Platinum)JOINDRE (Platinum)


JOINDRE (Platinum)

From ¥858,000
JOINDRE (yellow gold)JOINDRE (yellow gold)


JOINDRE (yellow gold)

From ¥864,600