"Costmain" vertical striped shirt made from the world's finest fabrics

Vertical stripes = striped shirts currently recommended by LEON. Since it is a standard item, it is inevitable that it will be differentiated as a popular old man, but the ``Cost Main'' item has a slightly different fabric and design. This is a great shirt that is sure to come in handy, casually packed with everything that adults want.

A refreshing blue-and-white striped shirt recommended in the LEON magazine's "Vertical Stripes" feature. Because it creates a refreshing mood, it is a substitute for camouflaging the old man's sloppy heart. In particular, the one from Costmain, which was founded in Naples, Italy, is elegant yet exquisitely relaxed.

First of all, the biggest feature is the band collar that does not dare to straighten the collar (cannot be straightened). The combination of casual and dress is exquisite and can be coordinated with a wide range of styles. And since it's not too formal, it's sure to come in handy on a date. Not only can it be worn alone, but it can also be worn as an inner layer, giving a fresh look to your everyday jacket.

The fabric is made by ALBINI, a long-established shirt fabric brand that is renowned as the world's best. The cotton and lyocell fabric is densely woven with a fine count and has an elegant luster and a smooth texture. The high-class look that you can tell at first glance is "good", and I think it's suitable for adults. This is a great item that everyone in Yokoshima should wear.

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