A new item has been released as a popular icon of “Damiani”!

Damiani's ``Belle Epoque'' is the irresistibly popular, old man's icon jewelry. I think many of our LEON readers already have one, and this time we will be introducing the new model. Check it out as a way to outsmart those around you!

LEON has been offering men's jewelry for over 20 years. During this time, I have focused on a number of masterpieces, especially Damiani's ``Belle Époque,'' which I wonder if there are any old men out there who don't know about it. I think many people own it because it is a representative of popular jewelry, but in fact, it has been updated repeatedly and its lineup continues to evolve. This time, we would like to introduce the latest products that have arrived all at once.

First up is this "Belle Époque Rainbow". The rainbow-colored cross necklace was released in pink gold in 2019 to commemorate the brand's 95th anniversary, and it became very popular, but the new version is made in white gold, giving it a cool and modern feel. It expresses genderlessness and perfectly matches the current times. The rainbow, vividly expressed in seven colors of sapphire (blue, light blue, violet, pink, orange, yellow, and green), represents dreams, hopes, happiness, and a new turning point.

Also, don't miss the ``Belle Époque Crown'' available in three colors. The linear shape, inspired by a crown, symbolizes Crowning Glory. Completely handmade by skilled goldsmiths, this updated version of a now classic piece is sure to stand out from the crowd. Please check it out as a way to outsmart those around you.

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belle epoch crown necklacebelle epoch crown necklace


belle epoch crown necklace