Evers eyewear infused with Japanese technology and soul

Nowadays, how to comfortably enjoy its functions while making it stand out as a fashion item is now the standard for choosing eye shapes that will be popular. In that respect, the collaboration between Evers and American Optical has a lot of great points.

Evers interprets Japanese culture from the two perspectives of eyewear and fashion, and works with Japanese creators and craftsmen to build and disseminate it. BJ Classic was founded as the exclusive agent for American Optical, which is synonymous with classic eyewear. The eyewear created through this collaboration is a masterpiece that embodies the skills and soul of Sabae craftsmen.

Among them, this ``Sunshift'' is amazing because it blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays regardless of the density of the lens color, and also blocks harmful blue light emitted from computer and smartphone screens. Furthermore, as the name suggests, the lenses change color when exposed to sunlight, allowing them to be used as sunglasses. It protects your eyes by protecting your eyes from glare, UV rays, and blue light.

And here, a new design team and craftsman team carefully researched the archives of "American Optical" and reproduced a model created in the mid-1950s. This is a modern, updated piece with ergonomic fitting and design. All of them are designed to suit Japanese people and are easy to use, so you won't regret buying them.

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