Light and warm "fab813" specially sewn jacket

"fab813" is the first LEON available for purchase. The first item we picked up is a jacket that uses special sewing. This piece has an elegant and mature mood, yet is also light and comfortable to wear, making it a piece that perfectly reflects your current mood.

Right now, I'm in the mood for choosing items that look like adult items, but can be worn easily and easily. Creating an elegant look and comfortable wear requires fresh ideas and advanced techniques, and the "fab813" suit introduced here is the perfect solution.

The biggest feature is a special sewing method called "TPS sewing" (abbreviation for TWIN PLOVER SEEM) that sews the fabric together without overlapping it at all. By using this technology, the thickness is reduced and the weight is reduced, making it more comfortable to wear. In addition, the cashmere blend double-faced fabric has a smooth feel and gives the impression of being made of high-quality materials. Furthermore, "MADA IN TOKYO" is an appealing point.

Available with or without a belt, and in two colors: camel and navy. All of them are buttonless and can be worn casually like a cardigan. This design, combined with the color, creates an elegant mood. It's easy to put on and looks neat, but it perfectly embodies your current mood.

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