A rich and fun summer is coming to Fred's chest!

Changing not only your clothes but also your jewelry according to the season is a shortcut to being fashionable. So, we would like to introduce Fred's new ``Riviera Pendant'' as a masterpiece that you will want to wear this coming season. A rich and fun pendant is a popular summer essential.

``Fred'' is a popular jeweler that carries items that give you a feel of the open and luxurious world of the French Riviera. LEON is also available at LEON, and is a popular old man's classic jewelry brand. So, this time we would like to introduce you to this summer's new item ``Riviera Pendant''.

This collection is eye-catching with its summery resort motifs on rich gold plates. LEON, which you can buy, offers three types, including one made of limited edition yellow gold material. The vibrant cocktail glass design is luxuriously expressed with diamonds and ultramarine blue lacquer. We pay close attention to the details, such as the adorable pink gold straws, ice cubes, and parasols.

The sandal's design, which is expressed with openwork and 12 diamonds, evokes a story of walking on a sandy beach with the sound of waves in the background. The limited edition yellow gold cocktail design is an extravagant display of sapphire-set glasses, red lacquered straws, white gold ice cubes, and ruby ​​and diamond parasols. This summer, you won't be able to resist getting your hands on the richest, most pop-worthy jewelry.

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