High-quality "John's Medley" basque shirt that gives off a mature look.

Basque shirts were worn by fishermen in the Basque Country, and have now become a popular wardrobe staple because they can easily create a marine mood. If you put such a piece in the hands of knitwear master John Smedley, it will become a masterpiece that exudes freshness and elegance.

The Basque shirt is said to have originated in the Basque region. It is a traditional marine item that was originally used as work clothes for fishermen and sailors, and was later adopted as the uniform of the French Navy. Even a piece that smells like the sea breeze becomes so elegant when made by the popular knit brand ``Jons Medley.''

This piece has a modern relaxed silhouette, and the thin black border gives it a mature and elegant look. The exquisite balance between modernity and adultness is amazing. Not only does it look great on its own, but it's also a great size to wear as an inner layer for a jacket.

In addition, the use of materials is impressive, using the brand's standard high-quality Sea Island cotton in a soft 24-gauge knit. The smooth, silk-like feel is guaranteed to make you addicted to it. It looks like it will become a must-have item for the coming season.