The rich tailoring of this naughty poke shirt is what sets it apart!

"Balmain", the leading fashion brand in Paris, is finally available in LEON! This time, since it's a cross-magazine issue, LEON and SAFARI Lounge are having a bespoke showdown on the same type of pocket shirt. It's up to you which one to choose, but both are attractive.

LEON×Safari dream collaboration has finally come true!

Both parties, who continue to think about men's wardrobes, decided to collaborate with the idea of ​​wanting people to enjoy clothes even more! This time, we thought about the theme of "love" using classic T-shirts and denim. Both the LEON and SAFARI versions are perfect for naughty men! you know.

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16 Tenjiku T-shirt (LOVE)16 Tenjiku T-shirt (LOVE)
Sold out


16 Tenjiku T-shirt (LOVE)

Custom denim pantsCustom denim pants
Sold out


Custom denim pants