Mickey pops out⁉︎ “Max Six” T-shirt

T-shirts with Mickey printed on them are the classic character T-shirts, and they are released by many brands. However, the one released from "Max Six" is an unexpected 3D version, and it is definitely a differentiating piece that will definitely catch attention.

There are many T-shirts with familiar characters printed on them, but the one that LEON recommends as an "adult character T-shirt" is the Mickey Mouse one. This is because they have overwhelming popularity and a wide range of images ranging from cuteness to coolness, but since there are many in circulation, as a popular old man, you want to be careful about differentiating yourself. In that respect, this work of "Max Six" definitely stands out.

What is especially noteworthy is that Mickey is in 3D. The soft and comfortable body is printed with a rough sketch of Mickey Mouse with a marker, giving it a street feel. First, the print is printed on the body, and then transparent organdy is sewn on top of it by hand so that it bulges out. So it looks like Mickey is jumping out.

It's a really elaborate design, but the design itself is a Mickey that conveys a pop and fun atmosphere, so it's sure to attract a lot of attention. Enjoy this summer with this piece that is sure to attract attention and differentiate itself.

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