Autumn/winter items are now arriving one after another! This month's LEON you can buy

One thing I'll always remember is the old man's playful side. This time, an unexpected collaboration has been realized, including LEON custom-made items that bring out the cuteness in ladies. We also have women's items starting this month, so don't miss out!

Recommendations <br>The texture of the material makes you want to touch it and the impression that stands out when worn. We would like to recommend highly effective items that you should take the lead in wearing this early fall.

Pants Edition: It is often said that ``fashion starts from your feet,'' but this also affects pants. These pants, with their exquisite thickness and length, are sure to create a stylish foundation for this fall and winter.

Ladies edition <br>Now, we will introduce new items that have arrived for fall and winter. The fashion scene is already ahead of the season and is full of interesting items! We've picked out works by some of the most popular brands, so be sure to buy them early.