Mote Parka's "setup" is the best ♡

The hoodie and pants set, which was once considered one-mile wear, is now a fine outing outfit. If you look like you're having fun and getting used to it, then that's a good thing. Now, from that perspective, I'd like to introduce you to three cool pieces that will make you look great.

LEON special order! The setup of ``5351 Pour Homme'' that is urbane and cool.

The bespoke setup that was a big hit last year has been updated and is back! This combination of supple jersey and eco-leather has a clean silhouette and is very smart. You can also use it with the top and bottom together, or you can use it separately. It's sure to sell out again this time, so be sure to order yours soon.

LEON special order! A rich "MX" setup with beautiful legged pants and a hoodie

MX pants sold out immediately due to their fluffy sweat fabric and beautiful leg lines. Change this one to a light fleece and pair it with a rich parka. The beauty of the pattern will create a truly luxurious look.

“Diesel” setup full of taste and playfulness

A hoodie and pants with jog jeans. You can imagine how comfortable it is to wear, and yes, the quality is exactly as you expected. Pair it with flashy sneakers and you'll have a playful and glamorous look that will make you want to go out on an active night out.

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Bespoke parkaBespoke parka
Sold out


Bespoke parka

Custom sweatpantsCustom sweatpants
Sold out


Custom sweatpants