``Mote outerwear'' is a classic with a human twist.

Make your father's spring even more light and playful. We would like to introduce three carefully selected items from this perspective. All of these outerwear pieces are classics with a human twist, allowing you to stand out and differentiate yourself.

LEON special order! “Cathy Prive” blouson is both cute and mischievous.

The pink color recreates a vintage blouson from the 1960s, giving it the cute look of an old man. The second type is made of supple cotton fabric, making it a little looser, so it can be used for a long time until early fall. It's perfect for creating a fresh impression.

“Uno Piu Uno Uguare Tre” painted jeans

The new jeans from the well-known "Unopiu" are, well, amazing. In addition to the vintage-like faded color, the entire painted finish gives it a playful and unique look. This would look great on the beach in summer, and it's super stretchy and comfortable to wear!

``Macchia J'' white hoodie with a casual ☆ eye-catching look

This white hoodie has a voluptuous body that has been washed to enhance its texture.The most striking thing about this white hoodie is the ☆ mark on the elbow. Just a white hoodie is very convenient, but the subtle ☆ mark makes it even more differentiated.

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Bespoke shirt blousonBespoke shirt blouson


Bespoke shirt blouson