“Mr. & Mrs. Italy” military blouson with a “chic” feel

Introducing a rich military blouson from Mr. & Mrs. Italy, which is known for its fur. The luxurious lining gives it a truly chic feel. Be sure to check out this gem that will make you flabbergasted when you take it off, or when you take it off.

One of the styles that is considered "chic" is to play with lining. Hiding taste in hidden places stimulates the aesthetic sense, and Mr. & Mrs. Italy's military blouson is a masterpiece that does just that.

A clean and smart blouson made in Italy, this item has a mature look, and the raccoon fur on the hood gives it a very rich look. What's even more noteworthy is that the inside is patchworked with the highest quality colorful white fox fur. The key point is that it is lined, and the front side is simple and easy to wear, and when you peek at it, it has an outstanding effect. It's guaranteed to catch everyone's attention!

The outer material has been treated to be rainproof, so there will be no problem even if it rains a little. Coupled with the high heat retention provided by the fur, it is comfortable even in winter. This product is both luxurious and highly functional. This is a masterpiece that is perfect for a stylish old man.

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