[LEON special order] “Muta Marine” see-through caddy bag

The old man's golf scene is currently booming. Therefore, differentiating your turf attire is essential for a popular old man. Therefore, LEON made a special order for "Muta Marine" and made a caddy bag!

The golf scene is one that many LEON readers are currently enjoying. That's why you want to differentiate yourself in a stylish way on turf. In order to make that wish come true, LEON made a special order from Muta Marine. The result is this caddy bag.

Based on a caddy bag with an innovative skeleton design that brings out the brand's signature marine taste, it features the iconic double name logo. It's sure to stand out and be a conversation starter.

In addition, the mouth frame is divided into 6 parts, has many storage pockets, and is equipped with a stand for convenient carrying. Not only does it look unique, but it is also extremely easy to use. Golf is a sport where mental health is important, so if you look stylish with a caddy bag like this, you'll be sure to improve your score.

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muta x LEON golf bagmuta x LEON golf bag


muta x LEON golf bag