These three are the new standard pants right now.

Pants are what greatly influence the impression value of styling. This time, we have carefully selected a pair of excellent pants that are a slightly updated version of the basics, and are easy to coordinate and have a fresh atmosphere.

Fun and rich “Muta Marine” crunchy white bread

The true value of Muta Marine is to update your wardrobe from a popular perspective. These white pants are made of dry-touch stretch material and look classy and fun even in the hot summer! It's a very nice new standard.

"Triple double" denim that shows off its silhouette and fitting.

``Triple Double'' is a new denim created by a specialist who is familiar with denim with a silhouette that fits Japanese men. The line that falls beautifully from around the waist wraps around your waist, making it a super easy chin fitting! The old man's denim look will change.

The new summer staple is “Chino Revived” linen pants

A cool piece with a cool feel unique to linen. The beautiful 2-tuck and tapered silhouette is a popular model from the same brand. Every detail is included, such as the loop ``octopus attachment'', D-ring closure, and hand-sewn AMF stitching, which are unique to a factory dedicated to dress slacks.

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