Adult street is rich and naughty

The old man's style is to differentiate items with a mischievous feel by focusing on the materials and tailoring. This time, we will introduce three outfits that will differentiate you from the old man. There are many unique pieces that can be done with a rich perspective, so if you want a wardrobe that is different from others, please give it a try.

Extremely rich and mischievous "Whiskey" mink parka

The parka is made from the highest grade of mink, ``Black Glamor'', and has a unique wet texture. This is a rare item that exudes a luxury and street feel by creating a parka type with a relaxed silhouette. Because it is a rare material, it is extremely limited quantity.

Aspegi's checkered blouson exudes lightness and youthfulness.

This checkered blouson with a beautiful yellow and black color scheme has a beautiful silhouette typical of ``Aspige'' and is very elegant. A shirt blouson that can be used as a so-called CPO shirt creates a warm and cute winter style.

``Always Out of Stock'' blouson with a bandana changeover.

The blouson's stiff nylon creates a tough impression, and the bandana pattern on the sleeves and back adds to the bad mood. While it can be worn as a basic item, Coconchi's unique sense of balance can be seen throughout, making it a piece that is suitable for adults.

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