“Rakupan” doesn’t stop even in autumn!

Rakupan doesn't stop. Comfortable to wear, stylish in appearance, and endlessly versatile...Rakupan is an old man's best companion. The 3 pieces with LEON Kimo will make your fashion even more fun and versatile.

Special order baker of "Jabs x Martinique" which is light and has a sharp taste.

I wanted to create a pair of classic, easy-to-use, yet tasteful pants that I'd never seen before, so I ordered these baker pants from LEON. We built the pattern from scratch and created a piece with a loose silhouette that gives you the most relaxed feeling. Perfect for jackets and casual outerwear.

If you are looking for exceptional comfort in Beyoncbiyo, try MX white pants.

White bread is a staple in every old man's wardrobe. However, I'm sure you don't have any of these, so today I'd like to introduce you to a sweatshirt material. They have an amazingly comfortable fit and have a dress pants-like silhouette. Please experience a different level of comfort.

“ReSound Clothing” jacquard pants that are sure to sell out

The beautiful silhouette of the brand's signature line pants is perfect for the style of a mischievous old man. We've made this one even more dressy with jacquard material, and now we also have a jacket made of the same material. It's the perfect piece with a glossy look that's chic and easy to wear with just pants!

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Custom sweatpantsCustom sweatpants
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Custom sweatpants