“Jersey jeans” by “ReSound Clothing”, this time it is a scented one

Nowadays, it is common for denim pants to stretch. However, this is why the selection is so important, and you should also pay attention to the appearance and durability, such as the ease with which the knees can stretch. And what ``ReSound Clothing'' has launched is the ``jersey jeans''.

In today's fashion world, where comfort is sought after, it can be difficult to find denim pants that don't stretch. However, that's why you need to have an eye for aesthetics, so it's important to check not only how good it looks, but also its durability. ``ReSound Clothing'', which has a reputation for stretchy pants, has launched a new product called ``jersey jeans.''

Stretchable denim has disadvantages such as being soft but not stretchy, easily losing its shape, and easily tearing, but by using a hyper stretch material that uses a high blend of LYCRA, a stretch material that is about 5 times thicker than normal denim, Eliminate them. Furthermore, by adding elastic to the waist and using a woven drawcord, we made it possible to wear it without a belt. It has a tight tapered silhouette that follows the line of your legs, but it's very easy to put on.

The design follows the details of the brand's standard 5-pocket denim, and reproduces the stitch work and iconic coin pocket. Everything is sewn using a vintage denim sewing machine and has a beautiful finish. Also, the asymmetrical patchwork and gradation contrast are stunning. If you want to have fun with naughty style, you won't be able to start without this!?

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