Easy and stylish setup

This setup is the shortest and stylish way to buy LEON. Since the top and bottom are made of the same material, that alone makes it look perfect. The three pieces we recommend this time have been selected from the perspective of being even more comfortable and easy to wear.

Comfortable “Design Works” LEON custom knit three-piece

A special three-piece jacket, pants, and hoodie made by LEON! The Milanese ribbed fabric is made from lambswool, making it both comfortable and warm. We paid special attention to the strength of the kickback, so the neat atmosphere is perfect. Not only does it look great with jacket pants, but the hoodie with its gold zipper is perfect for holidays as well, making it the ultimate fun and popular setup.

“The Jiji” blouson setup that can be used from an adult perspective

The Gigi, a leader in modern tailoring, recommends a blouson and pants combo rather than a jacket and pants set. This piece is modeled after a work jacket and is made from a rich and elegant fabric. It's an easy set-up that can be used from an adult's perspective, giving you a relaxed and classy feel.

“Column” LEON custom sweatshirt with the mischievous feel you want right now.

LEON is a bespoke set-up for the up-and-coming brand ``Column,'' which combines both luster and urbanity. The top and bottom are made with fleece in a unique beige-gray color, giving it a loose and clean look that is perfect for street wear. The spindle is made of gold, giving it a glossy look, making it a perfect piece for an old man.

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