A cool and easy-to-wear pair of mesh pants from “The Chino Revived”

The Chino Revived pants are fitted to suit the Japanese body type and can be expected to make your legs look more beautiful. Among them, this one made with mesh fabric is one that we recommend for this season. While it looks elegant, it's cool and comfortable, and you'll definitely get addicted to it.

An easy way to create an elegant adult style is to choose slack-type pants. The advantage of this is that you can make any top look classy, ​​but it can be difficult to wear on hot days. Therefore, I would like you to take in this work of ``The Chino Revived''.

In addition to the brand's elegant tapered silhouette, the permanent crease gives it a very elegant look. It's packed with even more exciting features. First of all, it has a drawcord at the waist and elastic on the sides. The fabric is a mesh material that is ultra-lightweight and stretchy, and boasts high breathability due to micro holes. It also has excellent functionality such as water repellency and wrinkle resistance.

Available in navy, light gray, and charcoal gray color variations. By the way, even though it's made of mesh fabric, there's no need to worry about it being see-through. This is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy an elegant and cool style.

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