Icon accessories that upgrade the status of non-Bunin

Accessories are the best way to express yourself and elevate your outfit. You can create a different mood with a luxurious atmosphere just by adding one of these items that show your individuality everywhere.

Use the “Rosette” from “Good Art Hollywood” to create an off-the-wall look at your fingertips.

``Good Art Hollywood'' club rings are often recommended in LEON's main magazine and SnapLEON special issue. The brand icon "rosette" with an English rose motif is a form of American luxury that combines elegance and sophistication. You can now order a club ring with a rosette decorated with diamonds! Its voluminous feel and shine make it an accent that sets your hands apart.

Perfect and active ``Dunhill'' holster

The Travel Holster, one of Dunhill's iconic bags, has a thin gusset that is perfect for wearing under outerwear. Still, it's a great design that can easily store personal items such as a cell phone and mini wallet. The moist atmosphere of full grain calf leather will give you a rich mood.

At Vannucci's mini scarf exudes a smooth and effortless elegance.

Many of you may be familiar with Charpina from "At Vannucci." Yes, this is a classic mini scarf that exudes elegance just by slipping it around your neck. ``LEON'' has a large selection of exclusive selections that can be worn with T-shirts, knits, and shirts. The craftsmen who make Sette Pieguetai in Florence have carefully crafted each piece, giving it a unique handmade taste.