Warm outerwear that I still want to buy ♡

The appeal of popular outerwear is that it not only provides warmth, but also makes your outfit stand out with its presence. We will feature unique outerwear that is not only comfortable to wear, but also stands out from the crowd.

Warm and loose ``Herno'' hooded coat

The Herno coat has a relaxed silhouette that is easy to wear and gives off a mature mood. The 5-way blended tweed has a rich taste, making it a winter piece with an outstanding presence. Of course, it is perfect for cold weather ♡

"Hysteric Glamor" boa coat with an extremely naughty back view

This coat is based on a Chester coat and uses high-quality domestic wool pile, making it a statement piece, but it also has a bold skull on the back! This is a unique piece that exudes a sense of fun, combining the soft and gentle mood with the mischievous skull.

Remi Relief shirt outerwear that is warm and looks like a Denis shirt

I thought it would be a denim shirt from the denim expert ``Remi Relief'', but it turned out to be a winter version with padding. You can use it as an outer layer with a glimpse of the orange lining, and you can also use it as an inner layer for coats, etc.

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