Accessories that make you look rich in winter

Featuring exclusive accessories made from rich materials that exude a sense of luster! Made of gold, crocodile, and cashmere, these are gems that casually and powerfully show off your fatherly qualities.

If you're looking for a luxurious wristband, go for the Skystone YG bangle.

Comes with two special bangles made from yellow gold using traditional Native American stamps and motifs! Items that combine luxury and masculinity will make your style look extremely rich.

If you want a light mini wallet that you can carry without carrying anything, LEON's custom-made "Larco Baleno"

Speaking of the "Larco Baleno" mini wallet, it is the most popular LEON product that you can buy, but we also recommend this neck wallet. It is equipped with a card holder that can store not only bills, coin purses, and receipts, but also business cards. This item was specially ordered by LEON in a light and rich yellow crocodile, making it a great styling accent.

If you want to wear the finest white, try the white cashmere scarf from MX.

100% pure white cashmere, undyed and unbleached, has a melt-in-your-mouth feel. Perfect for a rich mood from suits to casual wear. The slightly large muffler shape is perfect for an old man's neck, or you can wrap it loosely around your shoulders.

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Side Fluted K18 YG BangleSide Fluted K18 YG Bangle
Sold out


Side Fluted K18 YG Bangle

Owl Eyes K18 YG BangleOwl Eyes K18 YG Bangle
Sold out


Owl Eyes K18 YG Bangle