WJK's camo shorts are not just naughty!

Speaking of camouflage patterns, it is a classic for old men and is perfect for expressing masculinity. In recent years, various types of shorts with added twists have appeared, but WJK's shorts are not only tough, but also clean and elegant.

These days, the temperature is increasing day by day. From now on, as people start to wear lighter clothes, I think we will see more and more simple styles. What I want to incorporate is patterned items. In particular, camouflage patterns, which are a staple among old men, add a touch of masculinity to light summer outfits. Among these, what we recommend this season are the shorts made by ``WJK''.

WJK's original white camo with adjusted brightness and saturation adds a clean and clean impression to the original masculinity. In terms of design, the pleats on the front and back give it the elegance of slacks. In addition, the material uses stretch fleece that has a unique slimy feel and a slight sheen. Due to its dry touch, it can be worn comfortably even in summer.

Furthermore, the zip head is brand original, and the front zip uses YKK's luxury line EXELLA®. Although they are fleece shorts, they are a versatile piece that can be worn with a T-shirt for a casual or neat look.

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