The download deadline for commemorative photos with Tetsuya Komuro is approaching!

Club LEON is famous for its real events! LEON will deliver various information and advantageous information about events that include fashion, music, alcohol, and encounters!? After reading this, you won't be able to stop being a Club LEON member!

Hello everyone. The "NOEL LEON" event was held at the end of last year. You took a commemorative photo with guest Tetsuya Komuro exclusively for Club LEON members. Commemorative photo with Mr. Komuro right after the performance. It is sure to become a treasured image even if you are not a fan. The deadline for downloading the image is coming up next Friday. The deadline is 23:59 on February 24th. After that, you will not be able to download it again, so we recommend that you download it as soon as possible.

LEON will continue to plan collaborations with various people including Tetsuya Komuro, so please continue to pay attention to Club LEON's events!

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