[April 8th] Luxurious prizes from the Hiroshima golf competition!

Club LEON is famous for its real events! We will deliver various information and advantageous information about events brought to you by LEON, including fashion, music, alcohol, and encounters!? After reading this, you won't be able to stop being a Club LEON member!

Speaking of golf competitions, there are prizes! LEON Golf Competition in Hiroshima will be held on April 8th. The four sponsoring companies are V12, Bandel, Ferrisi Golf, and Mark & ​​Rona, and each company will be offering wonderful prizes. I received it, so I'll let you know.

Speaking of "V12", it is famous for its fun wear and changeable caddy bags, but this is exactly what this brand is all about! caddy bag. I look forward to seeing what kind of pattern it will be on the day. "Bandel" is a brand with a wide range of monochrome, highly functional, mischievous and sharp clothing and items. This product is currently under consideration, so I look forward to seeing what comes out! In any case, something that is based on black and white and is easy for everyone to use! will win. "Feligi Golf" is the first brand to appear this season. Rather than golf wear, in a word it's resort wear. A variety of clothing that is somewhat relaxed and easy to move in has a mature feel that makes you want to wear it every day! I received a set of clothing featured in the May issue of LEON. Lastly, we have a Boston bag from everyone's favorite "Mark & ​​Rona". This commemorative bag commemorates the 15th anniversary of the brand's founding, and it is a bag that you will want to use not only for golf but also for travel.

Furthermore, from the venue "Forest Hills Golf & Resort", 5 people will receive free tickets for the next round! There are so many prizes to give away, but if you just hand them out in order of the highest score, it would be no good! Do not you think so. So, the prizes will be won at random!, so everyone has a chance. There's only a few days left until the recruitment deadline. Everyone, please apply.

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Looking for participants for LEON Golf & Party in Hiroshima!!

And the night party is a collaboration between LEON and Hiroshima! We are currently actively considering the content, so please look forward to it.

From the editorial department, Girolamo and Editor-in-Chief Ishii are also scheduled to participate! We are looking forward to a weekend in Hiroshima where we can play golf, party, and have fun interacting with everyone.