Over Culet Space Ring (Set of 3)

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Even if I massage her with my thorns◎

By purposely setting cubic zirconia face down, this ring creates a unique shine and edgy atmosphere. The slender ring of the set can be inserted into the space provided in the center of the ring, allowing you to enjoy a variety of styles. This piece looks great when worn alone or layered, and is a masterpiece that goes well with a pair.

Precautions: Do not wear this product in high heat locations such as saunas, or in extremely cold locations such as ski resorts, as this may cause burns or frostbite.

Material: 925 silver, black cubic Country of manufacture: Japan

#7-#18: Top height approx. 8mm Top width approx. 15mm Set ring width approx. 3mm Black cubic 2.0φ*18p/2.0φ*3p

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