LEON April 2024 issue

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LEON March 2024 issue is on sale today, February 24th!

Feel free, easy, and carefree ❤︎~ Go with jacket casual this spring! ~

Those who think that jacket = something to wear smartly! That idea is really bad. Nowadays, jackets can be worn casually and easily, just like cardigans or sweatshirts, thanks to their light tailoring! We will guide you to the latest rich and relaxed "jacket casual" style!

[First feature]
Go with jacket casual this spring!
[Second special feature]
Traveling Gourmet Guide for Two People [3rd Special Feature]
I really don't want to tell you! Local “travel food”
[4th Special Feature]
Entertainment bar guide of a hospitable man

<This month's Club LEON> Your voice will be heard by the LEON editorial department <Pitti News 2024> This season's Pitti Uomo is paying attention to the materials and colors again!
〈LEON you can buy this month〉 The popular jacket makes a good impression and makes a strong impression.

・Serial “The New Standard for Popular Old Men” Deck Shoes ・Serial “How to Choose a Popular Mode” for Men Who Are Not Selling ・Serial “WATCH WATCHER” LVMH Watch Week News ・Serial “Popular Golf is Old Man’s 18th Thing” Nice BAR from Nice PAR
・Serial ``A popular old man's knowledge! Restaurant'' ``That taste experience'' from Tokyo has evolved in Niseko ・Serial ``Business Celebrity's MY FAVORITE'' Wolfgang Zwiener (Founder of Wolfgang Steakhouse) )
・Serial “Invite That Girl to a Celebrity Vacation♥” Adult Hawaii for the first time in a while Part.2
・Serial ``How to use jewelry to appeal to men'' Get maximum results with the smallest logo ・Serial ``Glasses say as much as your mouth'' Thick metal x long hair ・Serial ``Girolamo's popular kitchen life & hacks'' I like gelato and ice cream even in winter - Serial series "Dr. Copa's Practical Popular Feng Shui"
・Serial “Girolamo’s Popular Kitchen Life & Hacks” Undercover coverage of how to grill the best steak in Hawaii ・Serial “Driver’s Salon” How to choose the most popular car 2024
・Series “Dr. Copa’s Practical Popular Feng Shui”
・Serial “GREAT New STANDARD” Introducing carefully selected seasonal standard items that will make you a popular old man ・LEON Editor's IMPRESSION/Editorial staff's splurge record ・LEON Journal/“Sneaky practice book” for the popular old man of the new era

[Detailed information]
Publisher: Shufu to Seikatsusha Co., Ltd. Release date: February 24, 2024 Language: Japanese Magazine: 224 pages Dimensions: 23.5 x 29.7 x 2 cm





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