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・This product is a sales application product. Please agree to the following before applying.
・LEON you can buy and product sellers Tasker Marine Sales Co., Ltd. will share personal information related to your application.
・Customers who apply will be contacted regarding their purchase intention, engine type, delivery, etc. In the unlikely event that we determine that you do not intend to purchase, we will cancel your application.
・Limited number: 3 boats, application period: until the end of March 2022.

Create your own wave of popularity by purchasing “My Boat,” the symbol of richness!

A sense of superiority when you see the usual scenery from above the sea or lake. If you want to make that happen, what you really want to get is a boat. What we recommend is the ``cobalt boat,'' which is the pride of the United States, an advanced boating country. It is the super SUV of the boating world, meeting your greedy needs.

Of course, such boats are not suitable for fishing, high-speed sailing, leisurely riding, etc. However, just as cars and SUVs make it easy to get around the city and the suburbs, there are many versatile types of boats as well. That is the "Cobalt Boat" that we will be introducing this time.

Cobalt Boat is an American boat builder with a history of over 50 years. Nowadays, the focus is firmly on the trend of wake surfing, and it is gaining popularity as a boat that can create waves that rival even dedicated wakeboard boats, but the idea at the time of the brand's launch was ``to be owned by boat owners.'' ``To continue to build the best and most luxurious boats that exceed the amount of money spent on them.''

Of course, that brand philosophy is still passed down to this day, and for a 25-foot (approximately 7.5 meters) class boat, it has a spacious interior space that feels a step above the size, and features that are not often seen in this class. The fully equipped marine toilet is also extremely attractive to women. The audio equipment is also well-equipped, and cruising with uplifting sounds will be the most enjoyable experience.

Enjoy a rich feeling with your loved ones and like-minded friends. A boat that can be used for multiple purposes and allows you to enjoy a higher-grade marine life. That is the "Cobalt Boat".

This time, to celebrate the debut of Cobalt Boat's "Available LEON", the first two customers will receive a set of two original LEON caps with a stylish crocodile die-cut logo, and we will visit the purchaser's desired location anywhere in Japan. , comes with the bonus that a photographer who is active at LEON will take a two-shot with your boat.
Come on! I have always dreamed of having my own boat someday. Why not try making it happen?

Cobalt R5 Surf / Cobalt R5 Surf

[Hull specs]
Overall length: 7.82m/25ft 8in Overall width: 2.59m/8ft 6in Depth: 0.94m/37in Boat weight: 2277kg/5020lb Engine: VOLVO PENTA V8/380HP
Capacity: 12 people Price: [VOLVO 380HP] From 22.66 million yen
[VOLVO 430HP] From 23,925,000 yen
*The displayed price is the Yokohama Port price. Ship inspection and legal safety equipment are not included.
*The hull warranty is for one year after registration. The engine is valid for one year after registration or 240 hours of use, whichever comes first.
*Warranty scope conforms to manufacturer regulations.

For inquiries about COBALT BOAT, please contact Tasker Marine Sales Co., Ltd.
TEL: 042-444-1125





Club LEON 会員なら¥20,000以上のお買い物¥3,000OFF。詳細

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