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Denim is made by examining every type of denim and paying close attention to every detail. The material is hand-picked Zimbabwean cotton and stretchy core yarn, perfectly expressing the texture of 501xx. In addition, each piece is hand-painted by a craftsman, with a realistic finish and beard removal process.

Model: 185cm / 74kg Wearing size: Ⅳ

Note: This product uses indigo-dyed denim to offer a unique texture. Please note that due to the characteristics of dyeing, there may be slight wrinkles, changes in shape, and variations in size. - While wearing, the color may transfer if it comes into contact with other clothing, underwear, bags, etc. Please be especially careful when combining with light-colored or white products.・If you sweat or leave it in a wet state, such as when it gets wet in the rain, it may cause color transfer.・We recommend washing inside out as areas that are rubbed may turn white due to friction. Also, avoid massaging and drying naturally. Dry in the shade to avoid being affected by sunlight or fluorescent lights.

Material: 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane / Separate fabric: 100% cotton
Country of manufacture: Japan

Size Ⅲ: Waist 80cm Hips 96cm Rise 24cm Inseam 73.5cm Thigh circumference 58cm Hem width 30cm
Ⅳ: Waist 84cm Hips 100cm Rise 24.5cm Inseam 75.5cm Thigh circumference 60cm Hem width 32cm
Ⅴ: Waist 88cm Hips 104cm Rise 25cm Inseam 77.5cm Thigh circumference 62cm Hem width 34cm
Ⅵ: Waist 92cm Hips 108cm Rise 25.5cm Inseam 78.5cm Thigh circumference 64cm Hem width 34cm

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