Bespoke round neck T-shirt

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"MB"'s masterpiece that aims to be the ultimate universal T-shirt. While making the shoulders and chest area look larger, the stomach and arms do not have a wide line, creating a strong-looking silhouette from a tailoring perspective. In addition, the ribs at the neck are slightly thicker to express a handsome face, while the darts in the back create a rounded, three-dimensional silhouette. It has the thick feel of an American-made T-shirt, but is made of soft and slimy Suvin cotton x Giza cotton, so you can enjoy high-quality comfort. The model is wearing size M.

Model: 176cm / 72kg

Note: Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may shrink slightly when washed. Please avoid using the dryer. Dark colored items may fade slightly when washed, so we recommend washing them separately as much as possible.

Material: 100% cotton
Country of manufacture: Japan

S: Width 45.5cm, Shoulder width 40cm, Length 70cm, Sleeve length 21cm
M: Width 51.5cm, Shoulder width 47cm, Length 75cm, Sleeve length 23.5cm
L: Width 55.5cm Shoulder width 50.5cm Length 76cm Sleeve length 24cm

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