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A rich and pop style wristwatch created in collaboration with three companies

A collaboration between ``Biju Pico'', which handles the largest number of pink diamonds in Japan, ``Golden Concept'', which is popular for its Apple Watch cases, and LEON, has been realized. We were particular about Swarovski, which has a color that is very similar to pink diamonds. We have carefully selected a color from among the many pinks that has a luxurious feel and suits adult men. This is a product we are confident in that will definitely give you an impressive look on your arm. Limited to 222 pieces worldwide.

Note: This product is sold as a case alone, and the Apple Watch itself is not included. Not all Apple Watch Cases are compatible with Apple Watch Edition titanium and ceramic models. The waterproofness of the Apple Watch Case is the same as that of the Apple Watch. Due to the characteristics of this product, health care functions such as heart rate measurement may not be available.

Materials: Titanium, nylon side, Swarovski crystal (pink) / Belt rubber, with deployable buckle Accessory box, screwdriver, spare screw, cross, catalog, certificate (for domestic use and home country use)

For 45mm: Case size W approx. 44mm x H approx. 51mm

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