Warm in a little mode ♡ "5351 Pour Homme" setup

Warmth is, of course, an important point when choosing a wardrobe for the upcoming season. In particular, items that don't seem to be warm at the moment, but have popular specs. In this respect, the masterpiece "5351 Pour Homme" is excellent.

“Mote specs” are the functions necessary to be popular, and LEON recommends such items from various perspectives. One of the items that I would like to recommend is the excellent setup of ``5351 Pour Homme''.

At this time of year, when the temperature is dropping day by day, it's no good to put up with the cold, but it's also uncool to be wearing more clothes than the woman next to you. That's where this work comes into play. The fabric has an exquisite feel and feels light, but it's actually very warm because it's made of a 3-layer material bonded with laminate material that has excellent windproofness and heat retention.

Made of a combination of crisp cardboard knit and slightly glossy polyester material, the design is sure to catch the eye. This means you can spend your time looking stylish and relaxed when going on a date or doing activities in the neighborhood. Because it is thin, you can wear it with an outer layer for a flattering look, so its versatility is also a great feature. If you buy it now, it's sure to be useful until next spring.

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