In the hands of “WJK”, military pants can become so modern!

Speaking of military pants, they are a staple of a man's wardrobe. That's why it is necessary to differentiate yourself in order to be popular, and "WJK" is very modern and will definitely stand out from the crowd. I think it's a good idea to wear it like an adult.

Military items are an effective way to add masculinity to your outfit, and are a staple of any popular old man's wardrobe, but they can also come off as too tough. Therefore, we recommend euro military items with elegant tailoring and design. Among them, the Italian military combat cargo pants by ``WJK'' are exquisite.

It follows the distinctive original design, such as the boldly decorated knee patch, the zipper set directly on the hem, and the flaps on each pocket. Then, by adjusting the volume of the waist and hips, we created a classy, ​​wide and unique banana silhouette. The hem zipper can be straight when opened and tapered when closed.

In addition, the material is thick military satin, so you can enjoy the change over time. Furthermore, by applying stretch to the warp threads, it achieves a light feel that belies its tough appearance. While it is based on a classic, it has a modern finish and is easy to use.

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