“At Vannucci” ties are a marriage of high-quality fabrics and delicate tailoring ♡

"At Vannucci" is produced by "Sevenfold," a workshop specializing in handmade neckties based in Florence, Italy. This time we'll be introducing the 18th sette pieguet and a knit tie that stands out from the rest.

Speaking of "At Vannucci", it is the pinnacle of popular necktie brands. Manufactured by Sevenfold, a workshop specializing in handmade neckties based in Florence, Italy, these masterpieces are a condensation of the skills of skilled craftsmen, giving off a one-of-a-kind presence.

The brand is especially good at "Sette Pieguet." It is a seven-fold technique, and "At Vannucci" has the highest level of technology. Its appearance is as light as a scarf, and its elegance is outstanding. It has completely overturned the concept of Thailand.

Furthermore, if you wear the same brand, you can easily differentiate your knit ties. This is a stylish piece with hand-embroidered dots on thick, 8.5cm wide fabric with a strong presence. At Vannucci's Thailand, you can tell that it's different at first glance, and it's so full of charm that you'll want to visit it not only on business occasions, but also on holidays.

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