“ReSound Clothing” 3way shoulder & mini clutch wallet

``ReSound Clothing'', which is so popular that ``Available LEON'' is sold out one after another, is collaborating with ``Decade'', a bag brand that is particular about products made in Japan! The result is a mini clutch wallet that captures the spirit of the times.

``ReSound Clothing'' is extremely popular as ``LEON you can buy'' and has items with a mischievous mood. The same brand has collaborated with Decade, a bag brand that is particular about products made in Japan. A mini clutch bag that also has a wallet function is extremely convenient.

The base is made of canvas fabric with "3D printing," and the thicker rubber used for the print creates a clearer three-dimensional feel. The pattern looks different depending on the angle of light, creating a cool appearance. The leather is made from carefully selected domestic tanners, and the thick cow leather is impregnated with more oil than usual, giving it a fluffy and soft texture.

By using a mesh cushion on the back, it is lightweight and reduces stuffiness and shock when carrying it on your back. Another point is that the leather strap can be removed and worn. A masterpiece that perfectly captures the current sense of the times, it is naughty and extremely easy to use.

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