These three fall outerwear pieces look chic!

As the autumn breeze approaches, the first thing you'll want to get is outerwear with a twist on the basics. Extremely versatile and easy to use for styling! Yet, there is something different and fresh about it. Please try this new autumn standard that is half a step ahead.

Light and elegant “Enmeti x Martinique” suede riders

A special item made by the popular select shop "Martinique" of "Enmeti"'s representative single rider "Yuri". By replacing the smooth and tasteful suede lining with smooth leather on the lining of the collar and cuffs, we have added the benefits of comfort against the skin and protection against dirt. This highly versatile item is available in navy as well as beige.

"Gerard" jeans that can be used instead of a jacket

The 1st type of jeans, which is currently in season, has been cleverly updated while retaining the atmosphere of the time! The loose, boxy silhouette is comfortable to wear, yet the unique fit gives it a smart look, making it perfect for any old man's wardrobe. The brand's unique denim fabric, "Last Resort," is certified for the best taste.

The Chino Revived Cordura jacket looks neat but is actually comfortable.

Pants expert ``The Chino Revived'' has created this easy-to-wear jacket that goes well with beautiful silhouette pants. The fabric is woven from Cordura nylon and is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. Reflectors are used on the lining of the sleeves, so if you roll your arms up, it becomes both functional and an accent. There are pants made of the same material, so it's a good idea to set them up!

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